PhotoFix Bovine Pericardial Tissue

Genesee BioMedical, Inc., Denver CO US and CryoLife, Kennesaw GA USA are proud to provide PhotoFix, a non-glutaraldehyde fixed bovine pericardium patch.  

PhotoFix is a proven, clinically effective tissue substitute that is biocompatible without toxicity.  It is derived from bovine pericardium, a material known for reliable consistency and strength with handling characteristics similar to autologous pericardium, and has undergone a dye-mediated photo-oxidation fixation process.  

PhotoFix is indicated for use in atrial and ventricular repairs, great vessel repair, congenital defects and pericardial closure.  

For more information about PhotoFix contact CryoLife at 770-419-3355 or Genesee BioMedical at 303-777-3000.