MICS Devices

  • NeoForm™ Annuloplasty Ring

    NeoForm™ Annuloplasty Ring

    Design Advantage Geometrically shaped rigid ring restores leaflet coaptation and reduces mitral regurgitation (MR) caused by the enlargement of the…

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  • FlexForm™ Annuloplasty Rings and Bands

    FlexForm™ Annuloplasty Rings and Bands

    Design Advantage Unique braided material provides easy needle penetration and reduces risk of bunching or crimping. Five markers are provided…

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  • Devices for Robotic-Assisted Procedures

    Devices for Robotic-Assisted Procedures

    Innovative Tools for Robotic Valve Repair Suture Hooks Specialized tools for suture manipulation Provided with left or right hand hook…

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  • AVATR Adult Retractor

    AVATR Adult Retractor

    Dual Design for Multiple Approaches AVATR is an aortic valve and thoracic retractor for MICS procedures. Left thoracotomy and redo…

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  • MINIMAX Minimally Invasive Retractor

    MINIMAX Minimally Invasive Retractor

    Mini-Retractor Maximum Performance Multi-purpose retractor for minimally invasive thoracic approaches Applicable for TAVR and left-thoracotomy cases Standard and radiolucent interchangeable…

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