Pediatric Quad Retractor

Pediatric Quad Retractor for Muscle Sparing Thoracic Procedures

Neonate Curved Sternal Retractor and Accessories


Innovative Design

  • Unique Multi-Use Retractor for Minimally Invasive Approaches
    Innovative Design
  • Unique design provides 360 ° exposure and access
  • Adjustable and lockable platform adapts to individual patient anatomy


Versatile Exposure

  • Ideal for muscle sparing thoracic and mini-sternotomy approaches
  • Interchangeable rakes combined with ball clamps and H bar mounting rods provide excellent exposure and ease of use
  • Interchangeable blades optimize exposure


Pediatric Quad retractor is suitable for young patients up to 12 kg


Order Information

Catalog Number            Description

  • PQR-1          Pediatric Quad Retractor with Muscle and                           Rib Blades
  • PQR-AR       Pedtiatric Quad Retractor with                                               Atrial and Aortic Attachments

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