BMI 35 Large Adult Retractor

Optimal Exposure For Large Patients with High BMI’s

Large Adult Sternal Retractor with Interchangeable Valve Accessories 

Innovative Design

  • Unique rack design opens with a gently curved radius, optimizing exposure with minimal trauma to the chest and ribcage
  • Anatomic curved shape distributes opening pressure equally on the sternum
  • Extra deep blades provide maximum exposure for patients with a BMI of 35 and above
  • Suitable for adult patients above 90 kilos



Ordering Information

Catalog#          Product Description

SRLP-AR    Sternal Latch Retractor with Valve Accessories

SRLP-1       Sternal Latch Retractor (Rack and Blades only)

*Rack is 241 mm long, Arm is 191 mm

SR-DBL      Deep Adult Blade (89mm wide by 38mm deep)

SR-XDBL    Extra Deep Adult Blade (89mm wide by 64mm deep)


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