Aortic Tool Kit


  • Designed to determine intraoperative effective cusp height and geometric cusp height.
  • Provided in sizes 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 to fit a variety of patients.


Annular Obturators

  • Used to assess the aortic annulus and the aorto-ventricular junction. Subsequently used as an obturator to secure a supporting stitch in the aorto-ventricular junction.
  • Available in four double-ended sizes: 19/21, 23/25, 27/29 and 31/33.


Order Information

Catalog Number       Product Description


ARC-6                        Caliper size 6

ARC-7                        Caliper size 7

ARC-8                        Caliper size 8

ARC-9                        Caliper size 9

ARC-10                      Caliper size 10


ASR-19/21               Annular Obturator for 19/21

ASR-23/25               Annular Obturator for 23/25

ASR-27/29               Annular Obturator for 27/29

ASR-31/33               Annular Obturator for 31/33

MIR-STS                  Sterilization Tray

ART-2   Set of 5 each calipers (sizes 6,7,8,9,10) Set of 4 each double-ended obturators (19/21, 23/25, 27/29, 31/33) with Sterilization Tray

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