Premature Neonate Hinged Retractor

Unique Dynamic “Flip” Feature

• Hinged blades rotate 180° from the abdomen to the neck, providing maximum exposure and minimal interference with external instrumentation or anatomy.

• Multi-position capability allows ease of placement for retraction sutures, drainage and pacing leads.

Ideal for Complex Procedures

• Integrated hinged blades allow the rack to rotate from the abdomen to the neck, providing unrestricted exposure throughout the case.

• Low profile provides excellent visualization.

*Premature hinged retractor is suitable for patients from 500 grams to 1 kg

Order Information

Catalog Number            Description

  • PHR-1                       Premature Neonate Hinged Retractor

*Rack 61mm long, Arms 37mm long, Blades 10mm wide by 10mm deep

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